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Media Article # 135
Article submitted by Bob Walls

Friday, January 13, 1978

Woman Says She Saw Sasquatch

Seattle Times (UPI)


A curious Sasquatch, leaning against a rock and looking at her, was described yesterday by a Beaverton woman.

Mrs. Mildred Quinn said that she saw the creature last September while climbing Mount White Chuck in the Washington Cascades.

"It was a formidable black figure, almost human like, with long hairy arms and legs and huge shoulders," she said. "It was covered with long black fur which seemed to stand out as if it were in a static electric position. It was leaning against a rock, looking at me..."

She said she was on the 6,000-foot level of the peak near Darrington, resting while the rest of her party continued to the summit.

It was about midday when she spotted the creature about 80 feet away.

"I looked for a minute, hoping that I was dreaming," she said, "but as I forced myself to look again, he was standing on his two legs like a human, looking at me and the dog that had accompanied our party."

She said that the dog that did not leave her and said that "when I opened my eyes a few minutes later, it was gone."

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