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Media Article # 265
Article submitted by Stan Gordon

Sunday, November 22, 1987

Monkey Gains Attention

Tribune-Review (Greensburg, PA)

It isn't every day that a sportsman goes out bow hunting and spots a monkey.

Reporting it is an entirely different matter.

That's what happened this past season in North Huntingdon Township according to Westmoreland County wildlife conservation officer Dennis Heideigh.

"The hunter was a little leery about reporting the incident," said Neideigh.

But his family wasn't. They contacted the officer.

"They said the monkey followed the guy for about 200 yards back to the pickup truck, keeping a distance of 20-25 yards.

It was skipping and hopping along."

"When the guy got back to the truck, the monkey jumped back into the vegetation and disappeared," said Neideigh.

The family even called the Pittsburgh Zoo "To see if it was their missing monkey," said Neideigh.

After describing the animal, zoo officials determined "it was not theirs."

A short time later, Neideigh mentioned the monkey report to one of his deputies.

"You know," said the deputy, "I thought I had seen a monkey in that area, but I didn't want to say anything either.

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