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Media Article # 289
Article submitted by Ron Schaffner

Monday, September 20, 1976

Carolina Monster

Milwaukee Journal

Goldsboro, N.C. (UPI) - "Something" in North Carolina has been causing the most vicious of dogs to cower and the limbs of trees to snap on a night when there was no lightning.

No one is quite sure what that "something" is, and unless someone very clever has been pulling a hoax for six years, North Carolina may have its answer to "Bigfoot", the nebulous ape-like monster reported to roam the west.

Goldsboro mental therapist Jim Hollingsworth has been trying for six years to find out exactly what it is that has left 18 inch, three-toed footprints in the soft earth of rural Chatham County.

Acting on reports he receives from across the state, Hollingsworth has spent many lonely nights in desolate areas trying to confirm sightings of a 7 foot, ape-like creature with black hair, a slumping gait and a deathly scream.

Brody Parker, a Chatham farmer, says he saw such a creature last fall, "looking back at me."

Hollingsworth has set up some traps in the area where screams have been reported, but he won't say where because "some fools are going to shoot each other hoping to kill themselves a monster."

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