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Media Article # 33
Article submitted by Ron Schaffner

Wednesday, June 15, 1994

Kids See Sasquatch in Green Grass

By Pauline Webb
Eagle Butte News

"Bigfoot" has reportedly been sighted near Green Grass.

Between 7:30 and 8:30am Sunday a group of youngsters spotted a large creature and two small ones on the banks of the Moreau River. The young men, Wacey, Austin, Doyle, and Dustin Buffalo and Frances Montero, were out looking for their horses when they spotted the creatures on a cut bank near the old garbage dump. The boys hurried back home, returning with Vivian High Elk.

"I had my doubts, but I went with them," commented Vivian.

When they reached the river no creatures were visible, but one of the boys spotted a face looking out of some brush. They ran over to investigate, startling four of the creatures, two appearing to be adults and two young ones.

The boys chased them up the river before they headed north.

The adult creatures reportedly were dark brown with a lighter-colored fluffy fringe around the face and a white or gray patch on the stomach.

They had human or apelike faces with oval eyes. The little ones were about the size of a ten year old child and the adults were very tall, estimated at 8 foot. They had big arms and were furry all over.

There were tracks of some kind along the river bank and a place were something had run or walked in the river itself.

The boys reported that one of the creatures had been dragging some branches and dropped them in the river. There were some branches with green leaves in the river and evidence that they had been dragged to the water, with footprints along the path.

The footprints were wider and longer than a human print, with no arch to the foot and six widespread toes. The footprints sunk into the soft mud along the river deeper than the human footprints the group was making next to them.

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