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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Mystery Bones found near Blanchard are not Human"

Associated Press

BLANCHARD, Okla. (AP) Authorities say bones found near Blanchard last week by a hunter are from an animal and are not human.

McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett says the bones appear to be part of an arm from the elbow to the wrist and fingers.

But Rob Deaton with the state medical examiner's office says the bones are not human although officials are not yet sure what animal they came from.

The bones were found last Thursday in a rural area by a hunter gathering animal traps.

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Source: Associated Press

Article found on web site for KOTV ( in Oklahoma

BFRO Commentary:

If law enforcement authorities in Oklahoma are saying they are "from an animal" then there is a good chance they are from a bear.

The skeletal limbs of bears look remarkably similar to human limb skeletons, especially when the claws are removed.

Law enforcement medical examiners might not be familiar with the skeletal anatomies of bears, hence their statement that they " are not yet sure what animal they came from."

Our contact in Oklahoma mentioned that the "arm" actually appears to be a "leg" of some sort, and the "hand" does not have a thumb, which makes it increasingly likely that it is a bear leg.

It was brought to the attention of law enforcement in Oklahoma because it appeared to be the general size and shape of an average size human arm.

Similar situations arise every so often in America and Asia, as happened in Russia in 2003. A bear leg was found in the Altay mountains and initially misidentified as a possible "Yeti leg" until it was correctly identified by BFRO-associated Russian bigfoot researchers.

It should be noted that none of the authorities in Oklahoma have suggested that it might be a bigfoot leg, nor have they said it "does not appear to be from any known species."

The only reason they have not concluded, yet, that it is a just bear leg is because bears are "not known to be in this part of Oklahoma".

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