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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

[Canadian documentary about Manitoba footage]

There's Something Out There: A Bigfoot Encounter (HD)

Saturday, Mar. 31 at 7pm ET

A CTV Original documentary examines how a fluke encounter with a Bigfoot has changed a man's life and a small Manitoba community.

Is a Bigfoot lurking in the Canadian wilderness? What would happen if it were caught on video?

In April 2005, ferry operator Bobby Clarke wrote a new chapter in the legend of the Bigfoot. His 40-second video of a mysterious image ignited speculation that it was in fact a genuine Bigfoot recording.

A publicity storm ensued, putting Bobby and the small community of Norway House at the forefront of the greatest cryptozoological mysteries of all time.

Filmmaker and Bigfoot enthusiast Caelum Vatnsdal documents the wild and wooly clash of cultures between Hollywood tabloids and a small Northern community as well as the possibility of a mysterious Bigfoot hidden in the Canadian wilderness.

There's Something Out There: A Bigfoot Encounter is a production of Farpoint Films, in association with CTV. Executive Producer is Kyle Bornais. Producers are John Barnard and Caelum Vatnsdal. Robert Hardy is Development Manager, Western Independent Productions. Bob Culbert is Vice President of CTV Documentaries and Susanne Boyce is President, CTV Programming and Chair of the CTV Media Group.

There's Something Out There: A Bigfoot Encounter is the latest in a series of titles that are part of CTV's 2006/2007 Original Documentaries slate. Additional titles include Canadaville; Holiday in Paradise; Lost in Canada; Short Guys; The Suicide Tourist; In The Cards; Forgiveness: Stories of our Time; Tabitha's Journey; Music Rising; Double Identity; As Seen on TV: The K-Tel Story and Unsafe to Teach.

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