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Article submitted by Stan Courtney

Thursday, June 7, 1973

Police Told of Red 'Creature'

Edwardsville Intelligencer

What is 5-feet 8-inches tall, broad-shouldered and reddish in color, has red eyes that can't stand light, smells musty and walks without making a sound?

A Frederick Street resident doesn't know what it is either, but he told police there's one lurking in Springer's Woods.

He reported the creature at 1:30 a.m. today to Edwardsville police. He said he saw the creature Wednesday night and that it also had been sighted Monday night in Springer's Woods.

He said that a friend of his told him that the creature had come up behind him Monday night and grabbed him, tearing his shirt and scratching his chest.

Police wet to Springer's Woods This morning, but the creature could not be found. The man who made the report told police that it is afraid of light.

It screams when light is shined in its eyes, he reported.

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