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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Monster of Two Egg, Florida?

By Dale Cox
Two Egg News

Unusual stories are part
of the charm of the historic community of Two
Egg, but some new ones coming out of an
area just seven miles northeast of the main
crossroads may just take the cake.

Multiple witnesses now claim to have seen
something that can only be described as a
monster roaming the woods and swamps
between downtown Two Egg and the
Chattahoochee River. While the accounts
vary somewhat, the strange creature can
best be described as a "mini" Bigfoot.

Two accounts that have come to our attention
here at both originate
from within one mile of each other, although
both are independent and with no connection
between the witnesses.

The first eyewitness described hearing a
noise outside his home late at night. Going
outside to investigate, he says he was
stunned to see "something upright, running
away on two legs." The creature or monster
was of about normal human height and was
pale in color. According to the witness, it ran
into a marshy area and could be heard
splashing away through a pond.

An investigation of the area the next morning
revealed tracks leading straight down
through the mud into the pond, but it was
impossible to determine what might have left
them. They were not human footprints, but
were too large for a deer or other similar
animal. The soft, wet mud had obscured too
much of their appearance to determine much

The second sighting took place about three-
fourths of a mile southwest of the first one
and near the intersection of Circle Hill and
Oak Grove Roads. An eyewitness saw a
small upright creature with long hair running
away through a marshy area. It was smaller
than average human height, but was running
on two legs. The individual relating the story
to our website described it as a "hobbit" or
"mini" Bigfoot.

The sightings have prompted a great deal of
speculation in the area, where strange
howlings are often heard in the night. Some
are calling it the "North Parramore Hobbit,"
although the most popular term seems to be
the "Two Egg Stump Jumper."

It is worth noting that tales of small bigfoot
like creatures are not exactly new in Florida.
Residents of South and Central Florida have
been reporting an animal they call the "skunk
ape" for years. They are, however, very new to
the Two Egg area.

Most residents take the stories with a bit of
tongue in cheek, but the witnesses very
plainly believe they saw something out of the
ordinary. "I got a really strange feeling that I
was seeing something that wasn't supposed
to be there," said one.

As the water level, which is near flood stage,
begins to drop, there are plans for a small
expedition into some of the area's swamps
to see if tracks or any other indication of the
creature's identity can be found.

If you have similar such reports or any
information on what the "Two Egg Stump
Jumper" could be, please drop us an email.

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