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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Stump Jumper Returns!

June 28, 2013 - After a two year silence, the
famed Two Egg Stump Jumper has returned.

Described by eyewitnesses as a small, hairy,
"mini-Bigfoot" creature, the Stump Jumper
has been seen in the swamps a few miles
east of Two Egg, Florida, for many years. The
sightings usually take place in the woods
around the ghost town of Old Parramore and
it was in that vicinity that the latest sightings
took place.

The latest incidents include both visual
sightings of the monster as well as reports of
mysterious growling or "roaring" sounds
being heard from a swampy area.

Reports of the mysterious "growls" or "roars"
began in early May when a group of six
people were returning to the picnic area at
Parramore Landing Park following a
sundown hike into the deep woods and
swamps that adjoin the park. As the group
approached the picnic area, it noticed that
something seemed to be following them.

The hiking party included a county official, an
optometrist, a retired journalist, an attorney
and two others.

The only member willing to be identified so
far is retired journalist and noted historian
Dale Cox. He said that a strange sensation
came over the group members as they
realized they were being followed.

"I don't really know how to describe it," he
said. "I've spent decades of my life in and
around these woods and swamps and
sometimes you just get a feeling that
something is there, watching you as you go

"It was like that," he continued.

Cox said that the members of the group
never actually saw what was shadowing
them, but as they reached the mowed grass
of the picnic area, they heard a startling

"We had just crossed over into the picnic
area when a sound that I can only describe
as a sort of growling roar came out of the
woods from behind us," he said. The
eyewitness noted that he had grown up in the
vicinity, but had "never heard anything like it."

The roar was definitely from an animal and
its volume was astounding, he and the other
members of the party agreed.

"We heard it twice more," he said, "each time
closer to us and louder."

The witnesses debated what the sound
could be, ruling out a bull alligator, which has
a roar but one that is distinctly different from
the sound they heard. The closest animal
sounds they could compare it were from
either a lion or a gorilla.

"It sounded something like the loud roars
that you hear lions and gorillas give on tv or
at the zoo," Cox said.

"We all are familiar with the Stump Jumper
stories," he continued, " so it didn't take long
for us to wonder if we were about to see it."

The strange sounds from the swamps
around Parramore Landing Park have been
reported by three other eyewitness groups.
All were returning from fishing on Lake
Seminole at sundown or shortly after dark
when they heard a load "roar" from an
unidentified creature. As was the case with
the first group, all have indicated that the
sound was unlike anything they had heard
before in the area.

There also has been one visual sighting of
the creature.

During the second week of June, an
eyewitness says she saw the Two Egg
Stump Jumper while driving west on Circle
Hill Road from its intersection with Oak Grove
Road, not far from Circle Hill Baptist Church
in the Parramore community.

The sighting location was in a swampy area
about 100 yards west of the church and
about 3.7 miles northwest of Parramore

According to the eyewitness, who asked not
to be publicly identified, the creature ran from
left to right (south to north) across the dirt
road. She saw it in the headlights of her car
as she was driving west on Circle Hill Road
at about 9 p.m.

She described it as "short, shorter than I
expected, kind of grey colored and covered
with hair."

The description was consistent with those
provided by other witnesses, who describe
the Two Egg Stump Jumper as being about
5-feet tall, covered in hair and brown or grey
in color. It was upright and running at a
remarkable speed each time it has been

The new eyewitness verified the speed at
which the creature runs when she said, "It
was fast, really fast!"

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