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Monday, September 9, 2013

Unidentified Animal Spotted this Week

By Roger Williams
The Southwest Times

Unidentified animal spotted this week
This eyewitness account was provided by Leroy Early of the Robinson Tract Community.
He says he was taking his dog out, just at dusk Wednesday night, about 8:30 9 p.m., when he noticed a large furry animal standing in his backyard. He heard a rasping noise similar to a guttural grunt from the edge of the yard near the tree-line that attracted his attention he looked up and saw an animal standing upright that he estimated to be between six and seven feet tall. The animal was covered in thick fur and apparently was investigating his chicken coop or the chicken feeder near the coop. His little dog scampered back toward the house in a whimpering, tail-between-her-legs rush, after scenting this unknown animal. He made haste to join her in the relative safety of his home and made sure his shotgun was nearby. He said it then ran quickly into the woods and out of sight, still on two legs. Later that evening he and his wife heard what sounded like a thump in the trees close to his backyard. He insists this is a true account of what he observed that night. He stated that he would not have called to report the sighting had it not been for the picture published in The Southwest Times Aug. 26. If there are other witnesses who have seen the strange animal roaming the mountains of this area, do not hesitate to pass this information on.
Written by: Editor on September 9, 2013.

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