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Media Article # 722

Monday, September 27, 1869

A Wild Boy in Iowa

Hartford Daily Courant

Considerable excitement exists in East Davenport and Gilbert Town in consequence of a wild boy, who has been seen by several veracious individuals, prowling about the woods at the back of Judge Grant's farm and on the river's bank and islands. About a week ago, a man returning from a shooting excursion saw what he at first took for some wild animal crouching by the bank of the river, it suddenly plunged in and emerged with a fish which it devoured ravenously. Getting closer to it he saw that it was a boy, apparently about 15 or 16, entirely without clothes, and covered with light sandy hair or silky appearance. He plainly saw the face, and describes it as revoltingly ugly and brutal in its aspect. He attempted to approach it, but the creature became alarmed, and taking to the water, swam to a neighboring island, and hid in the sedges. On returning home he gave information, and a close lookout has been kept. The creature, whatever it may be, has been seen twice.

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