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Report # 26790  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 25, 2009.
Fisherman has night time sighting along dirt road east of Scranton Lake
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YEAR: 1984

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Kansas

COUNTY: Osage County

LOCATION DETAILS: The town of Scrantons old water supply. It used to be called Scranton Lake. East of the City of Scranton. I believe the Lake is now privately owned.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 75

OBSERVED: While driving down a dirt road which ran alongside a small lake looking for a place to fish I saw something standing in the grass beside a small tree.
I stopped my car to get a good look.
It appeared to have the shape and look of a person but very tall,muscular and covered in what looked to be brown fur,simular to the color of the fur of a deer. I believe it must have been 7-8 feet tall. It didn't move but just stood looking at me .
I got spooked when the friend in the back seat said he seen it move and I took off in a hurry.
I went back to the spot of the sighting in the daytime a couple days later but didn't find tracks or anything else.


OTHER WITNESSES: 4,including myself. Riding in the car.

OTHER STORIES: Two relatives who were fishing on the lake at night maybe 6 years previously had heard something screaming on the other side of the lake from which they were fishing on. They said it sounded like somekind of wildcat. The screaming made dogs bark back in town 3 miles away.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately Midnight, Full Moon

ENVIRONMENT: Only 20-30 yards from small lake, fairly much trees and farm fields all around.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:

I talked to the witness by phone and found him to be credible. His observation was made at approximately fifty feet, and lasted about fifteen seconds. He was able to observe the animal while it was illuminated by the combination of ambient moonlight and the vehicle's headlights. The animal had two to three inch long dark brown hair, very obvious muscle definition, and was noticeably bulky. Even though it was dark, he felt that he had made eye contact with it, and that it seemed more human-like than ape-like. He described the incident as very unexpected and bizarre.

About BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:

Harold Benny holds two degrees in Zoology and was a Biology teacher for several years. He participated in the following BFRO expeditions: Michigan UP 07, Arkansas I 07, Arkansas II (Oklahoma) 07, N. Florida 08, Missouri 08, Tennessee 09, and Ohio 09. Harold has organized several private Illinois expeditions and in 2006 recieved the IDNR Volunteer Of The Year Award as part of the Montgomery Co. Hunter Education group.

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