2004 BFRO Expeditions FAQ

If you have other questions feel free to call the organizer at (949) 278-6403.

Q: Do I need to be in good physical condition?

A: It depends on the trip. There is always a mix of different abilities on the trip. Some participants are more physically ambitious than others. When groups head off in different directions each day, they tend to group themselves based on their ability and energy level.

Q: How many people are coming?

A: Around 25, that's usually the limit.

The expedition does not move around in one big pack. Typically the attendees spread out each day, by separating in small groups of 3-5 people. The small groups stay in touch via walkie talkie, and they let the other groups know if they find something, hear something or see something.

Contrary to what one might assume, it is must easier and faster to find sasquatches with a coordinated group of this size.

Long before the expedition group arrives at the location the participants have communicated via a private message board about the location, the history of reports, the latest word from local contacts, the place to meet, and the location for the base camp. They look at aerial photos online and figure out an intelligent plan for the effort.


Q: What's the purpose?

A: The purpose is not to hunt or capture a sasquatch, but rather to see one, and/or photograph one. It's not an easy thing to do. To have even a chance at doing this, one must be in an area where these animals reside. The expeditions take people into some of the areas where they reside, and show them what to look for, and how to approach them, and/or attract them.

We encourage participants to bring camera gear, whatever they have, but we don't require it. Some people just want to see one. That's fine, and understandable. It's hard to seriously think about trying to photograph one of these animals until you've actually seen one for yourself. These expeditions help people take that first step toward personal confirmation.

Q: Who will be able to collect evidence?

A: Every is allowed to retain their own photos, videos, track casts, hair samples, etc. At the same time, we strongly encourage people to be thoughtful and responsible with any footage or evidence they might obtain.

Q: Is a sighting guaranteed?

A: No, but at least some people have gotten to see a sasquatch (usually with the help of nightvision goggles) on almost every BFRO expedition. We don't just randomly go out into the woods and hope to run across them. There's a complex process for identifying locations, built on years of experience in pursuing this most elusive species. The locations we focus on are places where these animals have been seen repeatedly in the past, and where there are current indications of their presence.

Q: Will we be camping at these locations?

Yes, most people will be tent camping. Some people bring campers or camper-trailers.

Q: What about food?

A: You must bring and prepare you own food. You can buy food from markets in the nearest town. Everyone must be completely self-sufficient with their own camping gear and food.

Q: How much is the fee?

A: You must call the organizer for fee infomation: (949) 278-6403.

Q: How do I register to attend?

A: Call the organizer (see phone number above).

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