2004 BFRO Expedition Registration




For fee information you must call:
(949) 278-6403

The fee amount will depend on the amount of extra camping equipment you can bring with you. In other words, if you are driving to the location and can bring additional sleeping bags, tents, etc., you'll get a discount on your fee.

The easier you make it for us, the easier we'll make it for you.

Registration :

You can register and pay the fee by sending the agreed amount via PayPal to

In the Notes section of the PayPal "Send Money" window, please write your name, all your contact info, and mention which expedition you want to attend. That's all it takes to register.

As soon as you pay the fee you'll be given access to the private message board for registered participants and BFRO members.


  • 4 Days and 3 Nights in a historically active sighting area with experienced BFRO researchers.

    You must be willing to camp with us for a few days. There will be nearby access to showers and toilets.

    If you are flying in we can arrange tents and sleeping bags, etc. You must at least have adequate outdoor clothing.


August 5-8: Secret location in a primitive, heavily forested section of the Olympic Rainforest, near the Pacific Coast, Northwest Washington State, in the general vicinity of Forks, WA.

September 2-5: Secret location in Northern New Mexico near the Colorado border. A historically active sighting area.

Nearest airports (1.5 hours from Chama): Farmington, New Mexico, or Durango, Colorado.

Larger airports (2 hours from Chama): Santa Fe or Albuquerque.


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