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Report # 10733  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, February 22, 2005.
Hiker has daytime encounter in Sam Houston National Forest
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Montgomery County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hwy105@Crockett Martin



OBSERVED: Me and my family had moved to the Mongomery county area in October of 2001.In december I had noticed a old logging road leading into the Sam Houston National Forest from the sub-division which was still under development at the time.I haven't hiked since I was a teenager so I decided to see where this road went when weather permitted.In April 2002 I had taken some vacation time from work and one afternoon after mowing I thought I would go for a walk a routine I continued for several days going further down the road and deeper into the woods with each trek.I had seen evidence of deer, hog, squirrel and even bear in the area. On the sixth day I walked by an area that had springs on both sides of the trail which alternated sides every so often. I noticed on this trip there was no animal sounds or activety and I felt watched. So I stopped and surveyed my surroundings and to the east of me about 25yds in the thick underbrush something quite robust in size and dark in color seemed to be crouched between a couple of trees looking in my direction. I thought it was a large hog or maybe a bear so I turned south heading toward home and this creature moved along with me keeping a distance of approximately 15-30yds between us at all times. We continued this kind of cat and mouse routine for about 20-25 minutes. I stopped to releave myself. Then suddenly I don't know what possessed me to turn into the woods toward this creature. It stopped and crouched very low to the ground and remained perfectly still. I had gotten into about 10 yds. and I got wind of a strange odor I can't describe I heard a low gutteral growl coming from the creature's area. I could see it was very dark in color and almost lying in a prone position much like a sniper lining up a shot it and human like legs only very hairy I could make out thick arms and shoulders also covered with thick hair probibly no more 1-2" in length. It was down almost as if it was tring to hide it's face. I would estimate it to be no more than 6ft.tall.The hair on my neck stood up when I heard movement of something large moving in woods from accross the trail behind me. I moved quckly back onto the trail and it seemed I wasn't being followed so I slowed my pace, by this time I was about 100-125 yards from the point I had urinated I turned and saw this dark figure walk upright out of the east woods and stop at my puddle area it squatted for a few second then stood up and looked directly at me for a few more seconds. It head turned abruptly toward the west woods and much larger dark being came slightly into view they both watched me as I back peddled watching them for another dozen or so yards when I decide home was the best place to be and ran off.

ALSO NOTICED: Over the next three years of living in that area I would often feel being watched when I was outdoors.Loud crashing sounds from the woods.Times of no animal actiity at allMy dogs growling fearfuly towards the woods.Occasional chattering and screams.Foul odors.Sticks and debris coming from the woods And even eyeshine one evening about 8ft.from the ground.Neighbor at the time said she heard grunts and groans some nights and her dog would shake.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2-4pm clear sunny warm

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness told me that his first impression upon having the encounter was "bear or hog." He was originally from the eastern U.S. and had seen bears before. However, after just a little time had transpired, he realized that he was not encountering a bear or a hog, but something much more unique.

The witness had the impression after hearing a very large animal moving through the woods that he had perhaps seen a younger animal and then a much more mature and larger animal appeared.

Although the witness, a combat veteran, felt some fear, he did not feel threatened when he first encountered the smaller animal. It was not until he heard the crashing through the woods of a large animal, presumably the larger animal he later saw emerge from the woods, that he began to be genuinely frightened.

The witness had wondered before his encounter whether or not sasquatch-like animals actually existed. After his encounter with these two strange animals, he became convinced that sasquatch-like creatures are indeed no myth.

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