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Report # 1149  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, July 4, 1998.
Late Afternoon sighting by motorist near Blue Springs
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YEAR: 1974


DATE: Early Fall

STATE: Nebraska

COUNTY: Gage County

LOCATION DETAILS: Southbound on highway 77, near Blue Springs, Nebraska,

NEAREST TOWN: Blue Springs

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 77

OBSERVED: While traveling southbound on highway 77, near Blue Springs, Nebraska, I encountered a very large bi-pedal creature. As I came around a gentle left curve in the road, this creature stepped up out of the ditch on my side and with one stride was upon the road bed and with two more strides was across and going down into the ditch on the other side, a car coming the other way also saw this and we both slowed to a crawl as we came to the spot, I asked if they saw something and they responded they had also seen it.

I was most impressed with the girth of the creatures legs, and torso, it was massive and about 7-8 feet in height, I would estimate the weight to be 6-700 pounds, the body was covered in medium length blackish brown hair, and the face appeared to be less hairy, I was not close enough to see any facial features, the arms swung normally and were longer than a mans proportionately. The quick stride and the movement was what impressed me the most along with the sheer mass. I'm familiar with the bigfoot lore having lived in California, but I never thought I would see one, especially in Nebraska. There was a creek just south of where the creature entered the road way, it seems it could have gone under the bridge if it wanted and remained unseen, it did not appear alarmed, just quick.

This incident occurred in the Fall of 1974 I believe. I'm fifty and been an outdoorsman all my life. Good luck, hope you catch one, then maybe they will be protected, just don't kill one, might be the last one.

the incident made a believer of me regardless what people say, I've seen one.

ALSO NOTICED: did not stick around although afterward I wished I had gotten out and followed it but I was not equipped or properly armed.

OTHER WITNESSES: yes a car coming from the south, also saw it, I confirmed this by asking them as we both crept by the spot in the road. We were both driving, myself southbound and they were northbound.

ENVIRONMENT: Across highway 77, in Nebraska, just north of a unnamed creek with a small steel bridge near Blue Springs, Nebraska. Creature was in full view for less than five seconds, it moved with a purpose.

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