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Report # 1434  (Class C)
Submitted by witness M.B.D. on Wednesday, May 12, 1999.
Tracks found by family hunting for arrowheads
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YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November


COUNTY: Beaver County

LOCATION DETAILS: Approx. 2 miles North of Manderfield between the
highway and I-15. At the top of the hill of Manderfield exit. Almost right across the hwy from Indian Creek.

NEAREST TOWN: Manderfield

NEAREST ROAD: I-15. At the top of the hill of Manderfield exit

OBSERVED: While looking for arrowheads with my wife and sister-in-law, my wife called me over to look at this track. The track was in front of a small cedar tree, approx. 5' tall. I am in the hills and mountains alot and am familiar with differant types of tracks, including bear. This was no track I had ever seen. The track had a similar shape of a human's, but much larger. I wear a 10 1/2 cowboy boot. My foot was approx. the same length as the main portion of the track. The toes extended another 7" to 9" past that. The track was impressed into the earth approx. 1/2".

I would go on to say that it was anywhere from 8" to 9" wide at it's widest spot and 5" to 6" at it's narrowest. The track was the left foot. The weirdest thing about this track, was that it only had three toes. I do not know if this is common or not, but this one had only three toes. This track was well defined and I would say made earlier that day. I looked around further and found another track. This one was barely definable, but there the same. It was on the other side of the cedar trees. The stride was approx. 8' long. I know I probably haven't explained the way the trees were to the foot print, but it was in such away, that it would have had to step over that 5' cedar tree.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is surrounded by cedar trees. There is a large mountain range (Tushar) just to the East. There is a smaller range (The Mineral Range) to the West. This area was near the bottom of the valley between the two. They are pretty close together.

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