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Report # 15597  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, August 23, 2006.
Possible vocalizations reported near Tanner
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 28

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Limestone County

NEAREST TOWN: Tanner, Alabama

NEAREST ROAD: Huntsville Brownsferry Road -runs in front of my house

OBSERVED: I had purchased a fence for my cats and my husband and I had spent most of the day putting it up .We stopped working on it that evening so we could have time to feed the animals-horses,dogs chickens and cats- before dark . By the time we were finished feeding everything it was dark but I had decided to run a cord with a light on it out to the fence and work on it a while longer adding more clips to it . The local high school is about 1 or 1 1/2 miles from our house and they were having a tractor pull that night and I could hear the noise from the tractors .Other than that, it was quiet out . The fence is out close to the barn which has a security light on it . With that light and the light on the cord that I had hanging from one of the tall fence post, the area where I was working was well lit . I had been working for about 2 hours when I heard a noise coming from the woods to my left about 100 or 150 yards away . There is a deer trail that runs through the woods there and the noise I heard sounded like something had caught a deer . I continued putting clips on the fence, not thinking anything else about the noise I had heard and about 25 or 30 minutes later at about 100 yards up from the place I had heard the first noise, I heard something make a loud hollering howling sound . Not wanting to believe what I heard, I told myself that it had to have been the neighbors dog . They have a huge dog that has a hoarse bark . Anyway, I decided it was time for me to go inside . I gathered up my tools and just as I was about to get on the four wheeler, I heard it holler,howl again . This time the sound came from the area where I had heard the first noise, that sounded like the deer had been caught . I didn't take time to turn the four wheeler around . I backed it all the way back to the house, right up to the back door .I jumped off, ran in and locked the door .I was shaking so bad I could barely stand . It was like I was having a nightmare, I couldn't believe what I had heard . I told my husband and we went back out with the gun but we didn't hear anything . I knew what I had heard sounded like the sound the bigfoot made on the programs I had watched on TV and at first I even thought I was crazy for even thinking that that's what it could have been and Iv'e tried my best to convince myself there's no way it could have been a bigfoot but it hasn't worked . My husband keeps saying that he believes I had heard something and that there's a good explanation for it because there's no such thing as a bigfoot . He hasn't been able to give me a good one yet . I have called the local game warden and tried to mimic the sound I had heard asking him if he knew of any animal in this area that would make this sound and he said no . He did say that the only thing he could think of might be some sort of canine - a coyote or if it was more of a high pitched sound it might be a fox . Please believe me this was no coyote, no fox, no small animal could make a sound like the one I heard . It was 100 or 150 yards away and it sounded like it was standing right behind me . I could tell that it was coming from something very large because of the power behind the sound and the sound it's self was like a loud Ahoooooooo .There's no way anyone could have been in the woods faking this . It was real . This experience has affected me big time . My doors are closed and locked now day and night - I don't think a locked door would stop it, but I lock them anyway . If I'm at home alone during the day and I need to go outside for anything, I carry a gun with me . Under no circumstances do I go outside at night now . I'm afraid to sleep at night . I'm scared to death here now . I don't know for a fact that what I heard was a big foot but I believe with everything inside me that it was . When I found this sight on the internet and listened to the sounds that had been recorded, I swear to you, I started shaking all over again . It sounded exactly like what I had heard- Exactly- except what I heard was very close to me. This is the bad part of it all - When I called the game warden to tell him what I had heard and ask if there was any animal here that could make this sound, he said some sort of canine maybe . I said "No Sure, it wasn't any kind of dog or coyote or fox or crane - ( which is what my husband said it could have been-but no it was no crane . I've heard cranes before and they do make a scary sound, but it wasn't a crane.) or any kind of cat , I've never heard anything make a sound like I had heard in real life before. ) He then ask " what did it sound like?" I hesitated for a second or two before I said " A Bigfoot " He said back to me "well, like said it could be some sort of canine or something like that." When he said that, I started crying - I couldn't help myself, I cried and told him that this was no joke that I was serious and that I was scared to death now . I believe he was thinking he had real nut case on the phone crying, telling him how scared she was cause she heard a BIGFOOT in the woods behind her house. I think he got a good laugh out of it anyway . Please believe me every word I've put down on this page is true . There is something in the woods behind my house that hollers, howls and I'm very scared of what it could be . I didn't see what it was and I pray to God that I never do, I did hear it and I also pray to God that I won't hear it again . But with God as my witness this is true . One more thing I would like to say that I have wondered about.

I mentioned the tractor pull and I've wondered if maybe the sounds the tractors were making when they would start to pull -the winding up sound of the motors could have been the reason this thing was hollering-maybe it thought there was another one around calling to it but in fact it was the tractors, I don't know. I've thought about what everyone around where I live would be saying about me if they found out that I said I had heard bigfoot in the woods behind my house. If no evidence could be found to show that what I was saying was true, I would have big looney toon wrote across my back as long as I live here, I would be laughed at by everybody. Iv'e decided that I and only I know what I heard and I know how it's affected me -I feel like I've had a close encounter with evil - something I had heard might exist but I didn't really ever want find out if they did, especially from personal experience . I know that I and only I will have to deal with this feeling and that I don't really care what people here say as long as I know I'm telling the truth . If somehow someone did this as a hoax, (no way) they did a great job. I'd have to say that they're professionals. No way is this a hoax on my part. I've never been more serious about anything before as I am about this. Because I am so afraid here now, especially at night, I called the game warden back today and asked if could investigate this just to see if there might be evidence that this thing might have been or might still be in the woods here. He said that they hadn't had anyone else report anything like this but he would check it out. I don't know if he will or not. The answer to my prayers would be for him to investigate it, find it, catch it, and take as far away from my house as he could go. Now that I've wrote all this down and hopefully been able to convince you that this is not o hoax- I only hope that your sight is no hoax!

ALSO NOTICED: nothing, and I hope I never hear it again

OTHER WITNESSES: Only me, I wish there had been a witness


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Between 10:30 and 11:30 p.m.

ENVIRONMENT: woods behind my house

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Smykal:

Interviewed witness on 9-14-06.

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Kevin Smykal is a mechanical contractor in northern Florida.
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