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Report # 28634  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, December 20, 2010.
Motorist has daytime sighting near I-10 Exit east of Pensacola
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 19

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Okaloosa County

LOCATION DETAILS: Milepost 45 eastbound I-10 around 10:30am

NEAREST TOWN: Pensacola, Fl

NEAREST ROAD: Interstate 10 E

OBSERVED: A large blackish - brown figure walked out from behind a clump of trees along the eastbound side of I-10. It stepped out from behind the bushes, looked at traffic then ducked back down into woods.

UPDATE from witness Randy K.

I have had a sighting in this same area, on the East bound lane of I-10. I have submitted a detailed report [see report #63433] and have discussed with one of your researchers. This creature matches somewhat the published reports of the same area, that being near the Crestview exit. What I saw was impossible to fake with a costume. The creature was approx. 8 feet tall and had obviously articulated muscles as it moved from the edge of the road, down a gully and into the tree line. The movement, particularly down a deep slope and up the other side would make it almost impossible for a human in a suit to accomplish. There was an additional car with witnesses. I do not wish to have my identity published as I am a current state government official with past time in a law enforcement agency. I am available to discuss further in confidence.

ALSO NOTICED: No, too quick and I was traveling at 80mph in traffic.

OTHER WITNESSES: No, wife was in car but did not see it.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10:45 am. Sunny cool day.


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Smykal:

The witness was very believable and down to earth. He was a complete non-believer until this happened. The witness also stated that as the creature stepped out of the trees toward the highway it put its arm up in front of its face, then turned around and headed back into the trees. The motorist was roughly 50 yards away when he first noticed the subject and passed within an estimated 30 feet of it as it returned to the woods. He did not get a good look at its face, but was able to add that its arms were longer than ours and its hair was shaggy, but straight. It walked with a slight hunch. There were other motorists who may have witnessed this incident.

It is interesting to note that the Interstate has a 4-5 foot high wire fence running along-side the highway, that is partially concealed by the foliage. Had this been a hoaxter in a costume, this location would be a poor choice. If confronted, he would have to attempt to scale the fence, in costume, to escape into the woods. Not to mention someone would have had to drop the hoaxter off on the side of a very busy interstate.

This exit leads to the Blackwater River State Forest. This area has a history of sightings. I, along with Georgia Investigator Ken Johnson, also had our own possible encounter while camping on the Blackwater River.

The area is rich in wildlife with thick vegetation and many food and water sources. It consists of mainly pine forests, but there are many other species of trees also. There are some very remote areas in this tract.

About BFRO Investigator Kevin Smykal:

Kevin Smykal is a mechanical contractor in northern Florida.
He attended the following BFRO expeditions:

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