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Report # 35778  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, June 14, 2012.
Man & daughter have multiple encounters in Sam Houston Natl Park
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 4th??

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Montgomery County



OBSERVED: On the full moon in June 2012 about June 4th, in the Sam Houston National forest North of Conroe. Myself and 4 teenage girls (my daughter and 3 others) witnessed after tree knocks and whoops a large animal about 50 yards away staring at us next to a large pine tree. When the girls all 4 screamed a death curdling scream at the same time and one pointed at the animal while it was staring (in the moonlight)....the animal moved across the front of the pine tree where all 4 saw the silhouette moving, blockling out the moonlight. It was at least 8-9 ft tall and extremely wide. I found tracks the next day and took a cast of an inch deep impression (in pine needles) about 16-18 inches long. Other tracks were found but it has rained since. I regularly (every 6 mths) visit this spot and have had all sorts of happenings with many witnesses.

ALSO NOTICED: took foot print cast along with 4 witnesses.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: Moonlit night at 12-2 am.

ENVIRONMENT: Moonlit night with lots of cricket noise.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Michael Janakes:

The witness had been to the site on many occasions; after hearing several howls he had joked to his daughters that they were made by bigfoot. It became a family spot where they'd bring friends and neighbors - often times hearing vocalizations, reports the witness.

On the night of the event, the witness had brought his teenage daughter and 3 of her friends to his spot. Around midnight, he parked his pickup truck on a dirt road right along the tree line where he had previous activity. The four girls climbed into the back of the pickup, standing for a better view. Witness then proceeded to give several long, deep howls. Shortly thereafter, one of the girls sees something step out from behind a large tree that was approximately 125 feet away. She immediately pointed and screamed, causing the other girls to look. Lit by moonlight, the other three girls saw the same creature. It stood 8.5' tall and was very wide. Because it was dark and lit only by the moon, they could not determine the color or any distinguishing features of the creature other than it stood upright, was huge, and was close.
As the girls screamed, the witness looked at the spot they were pointing. He could see something large and dark, but it stood motionless. The girls were panicked and wanted to leave, so the witness quickly drove home.

Sighting view from truck:

Sighting view from forest:

The following day, the witness returned to the site and discovered a large footprint in the exact same place where they'd witnessed the creature step out from behind the tree. There were an additional 4-5 successive footprints walking away from the area. The witness made a cast of each print (the cast of the left foot of the creatures shows some sort of injury or deformity whereby three of the toes appear to originate from the same spot, much like a chicken. The other two toes on the left foot, as well as those on the right foot, appear "normal").

Deep impression, one of 10:

Witness brought me to the location on the late afternoon of December 2nd 2012. While the details were gone post-cast, the impression of each footprint were still intact. Of note was the depth of each print - the prints were easily 2+ inches into a hard-packed dirt surface covered by pine needle litter. I was wearing heavy boots and weigh more than the average man...but even leaping up & down I could not make a depression into the surface any more than 1/4".

The witness is an educated professional with an engineering background. He and his wife are devoted to their church and teach Sunday school each weekend. He and his family are very credible and articulate.

Witness reported increasing vocalization activity in the same area. We decided to do an overnight camp in the same general area. On 5 Jan 2013, I drove my Jeep deep into the woods, some of the terrain requiring 4wd. I was joined by the witness ("W"), and a friend of mine ("P"). We were in a very remote area on a very, very cold night....the likelihood of anyone being there that night was very low. We gathered wood, set up 3 camp chairs equally spaced around the fire, and settled in. We were set up by dark and decided we'd stay put all night and see what came to us.

It is important to note that my friend, P, was a complete skeptic. On the way there, he said, "Anything we see or hear tonight can be easily explained as a known animal".

It was a cloudy, and therefore, dark night. The only light came from our campfire, but due to the dense woods we could only see about 20-25 feet beyond the campfire.

830pm - W and I heard what sounded like something large deliberately pushing through the thick branches of a low hanging pine tree just outside the campfire light, from the due West. Some limbs snapping. You could hear other limbs swinging back to their natural position. No subsequent sounds.
930pm – Loud, distant wood knock. Solid wood on wood sound, perhaps 200 yards away, coming from the southwest direction.
1015pm – Large thump sound just outside the campfire light, from the South West direction. We all heard it but could not decide if it was a hand-slap to a chest sound, or a foot thumping into the soft, pine needle covered ground.
1025pm – All of us heard 4 bounding footsteps moving from the southwest to the west direction, just beyond the light.
The campfire smoke was slowly shifting direction in the light breeze. It was then that we discovered that whichever of the three of us the smoke coming towards them had had the activity happening directly behind them; meaning the creature was intentionally remaining downwind from us as the wind direction changed.
1am – A sudden loud cracking coming from the West, no more than 25 feet from us. It was a 10ft tree being pushed over. It was incredibly loud. The entire event lasted 5+ seconds; enough time for P (who had his back to the sound) to jump from his camp chair and leap over the fire, all while the occurrence was happening. Immediately silent once the tree hit the ground.
130am – Due west, 25 feet away. Something slowly, deliberately stepped onto the fallen tree, making a snapping/crushing sound as it broke the limbs. I can best describe it as rolling your car tire over a pile of tree branches…you could literally hear 1-2” diameter limbs snap and crush at the same time. Too much surface area involved to be a deer or hog hoof; too much weight to be a big cat or other human. There was no other sound at all. I felt that some creature was very intentionally trying to scare us into leaving the area.
330am – P, the skeptic, was the first to hear it. He whispered, “Do you hear that?” We went totally silent. W then said, “It sounds like two rocks tapping”. The sound was coming from the northwest, and having the campfire crackling between me and the sound I could not hear it. I got up from my chair and went around to the northwest side of the fire. Then I could hear it. Something was lightly clacking two rocks together…again no more than 25 feet from us. It was semi-rhythmic like Morse Code sometimes sounds, sometimes quick, sometimes slow, but with no discernible pattern. It would go on for 10-15 seconds, stop for a minute or two and then start again. It was certainly rocks. This went on for almost 20 minutes before going quiet. I moved back to my camp chair. Then it started again, only this time it was louder. It went on for about 15 seconds and the abruptly stopped. Almost immediately from the south, directly behind me about 25 feet, more rock clacks started, loud and at a somewhat faster pace. After 15 seconds it, too, stopped. It was our first indication there was more than one creature near us.

Since it was 4am and feeling tired, W and P were getting spooked, I suggested it was time to put the fire out and go home. We left the area without any further activity.

About BFRO Investigator Michael Janakes:

Mike was born & raised in Northern California, but now resides in the Houston, Texas area. An avid outdoorsman, camper, boater & off-road Jeeper, he has had a life-long interest in Bigfoot. Educated at the University of Nevada (Political Science, with honors in English), he is the President of a large accounts receivables management company. Proud father of two, his hobbies include fishing, hiking, and cheering on his hometown San Francisco sports teams. He has participated in many private expeditions, the very active 2012 BFRO Eastern Texas Expedition, as well as the 2013 BFRO Kentucky Expedition, and has co-hosted the 2014 (2), 2015 (2) and 2016 BFRO East Texas Expeditions.

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