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Report # 4799  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 11, 2002.
Possible vocalizations heard by coon hunters near Clarendon
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YEAR: 95-96

SEASON: Summer

DATE: 1995

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Orleans County

LOCATION DETAILS: off of upper holley rd in clarendon new york near rt 237 know there is a stone quarry there

NEAREST TOWN: clarendon

NEAREST ROAD: upper holley rd

OBSERVED: while coon hunting a few years back me an my hunting partner heard a strange scream like we have never heard before we have heard bobcats,lynx almost anything that makes noise we have heard but on this one night we heard somthing neither of us can explain whatever it was. was about 75 yards away an within 5 seconds was about 200 yards away we dont know if there was more than one cause we never stuck around long enough to find out we high tailed it back to the truck we usually dont get scared were use to being out in the dark at night but whatever was makig that horrific noise was big ive heard some of the vocalizations you guys have recorded an the screams sound familiar to what we heard my buddy i dont think has told anyone about this an until know i havent either

ALSO NOTICED: yes whatever is was could move at a incredible speed an made alot of noise going thru the brush

OTHER WITNESSES: yes one my hunting partner he was standing next to me with gun in hand as we came near where we were gonna start hunting is when we heard the strange noise

OTHER STORIES: yes my brother claims he has seen somthing out in the same woods a few years prior he has never told anyone what he saw except me in fear that somone would make fun of him actually i didnt belive him either at first until i heard the strange noises he said whatever it was was about as tall as him was on 2 feet with a reddish tint to its fur.. he said that it ran in front of him on the trail stoped looked at him made a funny noise an contiuned into the woods

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was about 11pm at night dark,clear no wind could hear everything very well

ENVIRONMENT: alot of pines dense woods with a few creeks an marshes some open fields

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