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Report # 5620  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 10, 2003.
Black bigfoot observed from highway by route driver and son
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 12-21-2002

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Nowata County

LOCATION DETAILS: Directions are:From Highway 75 North of Bartlesville, Oklahoma take Highway 10 East about 6 miles to Wann,Oklahoma.Once you pass the convenience store in Wann the field is just outside of the city limits on the North side of the road.

NEAREST TOWN: Wann,Oklahoma

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 10

OBSERVED: Hello,I drive a delivery truck to Kansas 3 times a week.On the day of this sighting I had taken my 12 year old son with me on my route.As we turned onto Highway 10 from Highway 75 I told him to watch for deer on his side of the truck and I'd watch on mine. This road has had several deer killed from vehicles and I didn't want to hit one.As I drove we watched and seen no deer along the 6 miles stretch to Wann.As we rounded the curve on the east side of Wann it turns back into wheat fields, so we resumed watching for deer.As I started to watch on my side of the road I looked out across a winter wheat field (which is green this time of year)and noticed about 200-300 yards away a HUGE black figure bent over. I slowed the truck down to get a better look when my son turned to look at what I was looking at and he said,"Dad,is that a Bigfoot?"and about that time it stood upright and looked at the truck.I replied "I think so."I would have to say it was about 7-8 feet tall and about 300-500 pounds with jet black hair and a cone shaped head and very well proportioned. As we watched it for about 2 minutes it just stood there and watched us while it ate something it was picking off of a small branch it held in its right hand. (berries perhaps)The wierd thing about it it never ran or walked away.As we drove on it turned its whole body to watch us drive off not just its head. Now when I drive that road I carry a digital camera with me to get a picture if I happen to see it again.

ALSO NOTICED: A few days after the sighting I also witnessed a set of footprints going straight up a ridge and into a wooded area from Highway 75 north of Copan Oklahoma.Also note that there was at least 10 inches of snow on the ground which would have made it very difficult for a man to walk straight up a ridge with that incline.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2. Myself and my 12 year old son.

OTHER STORIES: Yes several which date back as far as 1915

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning. It was about 30 minutes after sunrise.

ENVIRONMENT: Open winter wheat field with a small narrow treeline on the west side of the field.

A & G References: Delorme Oklahoma Atlas, page 26, B-8


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Roger Roberts:

I contacted witness J. W. on 2/13/03. The witness and his son observed what they believe was a bigfoot for approximately 2 minutes as they were driving on highway 10, just east of Wann, Ok. J.W. has driven this route three times weekly for the last year. They observed the animal at a distance of 200-300 yards on the north side of the highway. The time of their sighting was 7:34 a.m.; the weather was clear and cold and visibility was good. The bigfoot "stood out like a sore thumb" in a very green winter wheat field. No other vehicles were noted, although the witness felt sure someone else had to have seen what they observed.

When first detected, the bigfoot was kneeling, but it stood up as their diesel truck drove slowly by. J.W. said the animal was holding a branch and appeared to be peeling either berries or leaves from the branch. The bigfoot did not try to hide or run, it just watched them drive past. J.W. described the bigfoot as approximately 7 ft tall, 400 to 450 lbs, jet black in color, with massive thighs and chest. Its head had an obvious cone shape. The witness was unable to discern facial features or determine gender.

A neighbor advised J.W. that a large number of calves (23) are missing from this area.

J.W. is also a storm spotter for a local television station in Tulsa, OK. and as such is an experienced observer.

About BFRO Investigator Roger Roberts:

Private Investigator with 29 years experience, former Special Operations, U.S. Army

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