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Report # 58458  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.
Daytime road crossing on State Route 19 just outside of Fremont
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YEAR: 2017


MONTH: October

DATE: 28


COUNTY: Sandusky County

LOCATION DETAILS: About three miles south on St Rt 19 from St Rt 20


NEAREST ROAD: ST. RT. 19 southbound

OBSERVED: It was on October 28th, a Saturday afternoon about 4:30pm. It was a clear sunny day when my wife and I were on our way down south driving on state route 19 South near Fremont, Ohio. As we came around a corner to a long straight away, we saw a tall brownish hairy creature walking from a field going east to west crossing the road. As I pointed it out to my wife we were probably about a quarter mile from it. As we watched while approaching it, its arms were long and swaying as it walked across the road in long strides. We watched it non-stop as we got closer to where it had just crossed the road. When we got to where it crossed the road, there was a guard rail and beyond the guard rail was a drastic slope into a heavily wooded area. We stopped and looked around but did not see anything around. It was hard to believe what we had seen, we were totally in awe and just could not explain nothing else to what it was except a BIGFOOT!

ALSO NOTICED: Looked like it was coming from an open field.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 4:30 pm sunny afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: On the road then to a heavily wooded area that drops off to a creek valley below.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Marc DeWerth:

After having a full interview with both witnesses and going to the sighting location, its quite apparent what they actually saw. When they initially noticed it, it was walking on two legs from their left towards the road about a quarter mile away while traveling at 55 mph. See photo:

As they got closer, they watched it cross the road and disappear into the woods. I'd estimate they were roughly 250 feet away from it before it was completely out of view. They were more in shock than anything at what had just happened to them. The property to the east was a farm with a small tract of woods to the north surrounded by a cornfield that had been just cut down recently. It appears the creature was in the woods to the north of the farm house walking the edge of the corn field when it crossed over the road to the much larger tract of woods leading down to a creek valley below. The witnesses stopped their vehicle at the guardrail but did not get out of the vehicle which greatly limited their vision into the wooded ravine below, see photos:

Things that I noticed once over the guardrail was that there was a steep drop off of roughly 15 feet that anything could have hunkered down being unnoticed until the car passed on by. The creature was described as brownish hair, very large proportions, long strides and moving as a brisk pace. They estimated it was every bit of 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall. Although they didn't see it do it, It appears that it stepped right over the guardrail into the woods below.

About BFRO Investigator Marc DeWerth:

Marc has been a longtime investigator with over 25 years of experience investigating alleged Ohio Bigfoot reports. He is currently the organizer of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference that takes place at Salt Fork State Park every year and has featured multiple BFRO Investigators as speakers. He will be leading the BFRO's upcoming expedition in Ohio.

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