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Curry County, Oregon



  • September 2012 (Class A) - Face-to-face encounter at dusk along the Pacific Coast Trail
  • June 2001 (Class A) - Evening beach walker with dog observes two huge upright dark hunched ape-man figures swinging arms and walking long strides one behind the other along nearby hillslope
  • March 2001 (Class A) - Two hikers both hear strange sounds in a creek culvert, investigate to see two ape-like creatures sitting at far end of culvert
  • February 1994 (Class B) - Beach visitors find large footprints.
  • August 1986 (Class A) - Two sets of bigfoot trackways at Cape Blanco Beach on southern Oregon coast
  • June 1978 (Class A) - Hikers notice a large (at least seven to eight feet tall) animal covered with dark brown fur sitting on a stump
  • Fall 73-75 (Class B) - Boater finds footprints on bank of Rogue River
  • November 1974 (Class A) - Logging crew has daytime sighting.
  • August 1969 (Class B) - Campers hear terrifying vocalizations and see a huge dark form

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