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Report # 16727  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, November 21, 2006.
Nighttime sighting by teen at Lake Asbury off HWY 739 outside Middleburg
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YEAR: 2006


MONTH: November

DATE: 17

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Clay County

LOCATION DETAILS: It is off of a county road (739), just NE. of Middleburg, Fl.

NEAREST TOWN: Middleburg


OBSERVED: At about 9:30 at night, I was back in an area Near Lake Asbury where there is a Church camp in the woods. It was dark, but there was enough light to see what I saw. It was about 8' tall, and was running straight across from me about 50' away. It was covered with black, shaggy hair. Its head was kind of dome-like, and its shoulders were very big. It appeared to be trotting, and its shoulders twisted back and forth as it ran, but its arms hung straight down at its sides, not pumping back and forth like a human's would. Its arms hung down nearly to its knees. I saw it and watched it for about 7 seconds. I started shaking, because we had talked about this creature in class, and I immediately knew what I had seen. About a minute later, I smelled this horrible smell that smelled like a wet, nasty pig pen after a rain (we have pigs so I'm sure of the smell). About 5 minutes later I heard some hooting noises. They were quite loud, and there were about 3 hoots one after another, then a pause of about 2 seconds, then about 3-4 more hoots. It sounded similar to some of the Bigfoot sounds, hoots, we listened to in my Biology class, but they were longer.

ALSO NOTICED: Just the smell I already described, and I went and looked for tracks the next morning and saw what looked like human tracks, but they were bigger and way wider than human prints, about as wide as my two palms. There were toe prints, and it was cold enough that nobody would have been barefooted there anyway.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only person who saw it, and I told my youth pastor right after it happened, but nobody else saw it. He said I probably saw a deer, but I told him deer don't run upright. He just laughed....

OTHER STORIES: My Science Teacher said that one of his students last year said that they saw a big hairy head looking into a high window of a cabin or the lodge there, and it scared them pretty bad.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 9:30 at night

ENVIRONMENT: The sighting was in a wooded area with pines and oaks.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David Wright:

This area is a rather isolated scrub and high pine ecosystem, characterized by tall sand pines rising above an understory of scrub oaks, holly, bay, hickory, and wax myrtle. It is pretty typical Florida landscape, with houses built on rather large wooded lots, many of them on the lake, or on Black Creek.

Within days of this sighting, I visited this site with the witness. It is a church camp on a small, drying-up finger pond that is contiguous with a larger lake. The sighting was exactly 53' from witness to creature. The light was ambient for the 21:30 sighting, from outside lights at various locations throughout the camp, and would have been ample to illuminate as described. The tracks that the witness described were in sand, and unfortunately, were indiscriminate. The unusual, yet previously reported gait of the creature that the witness described, insinuates authenticity, as it has been rarely described elsewhere, and it was determined from the interview with the witness that such a description would likely have never been seen before by the witness.

After thorough questioning, by this investigator, the following information is hereby affirmed;

-The witness saw a bipedal creature of approximately 8' in height, trot along the edge of a wooded area, from 53' away.
-The sighting lasted approximately 7 seconds.
-The creature was covered with black shaggy hair.
-The creature had a dome shaped head, with no visible neck.
-The witness heard a series of hooting sounds shortly after the sighting, that the witness noted, sounded like actual Bigfoot sounds he had previously listened to on

About BFRO Investigator David Wright:

  • Certified Florida Master Naturalist (U. of Florida)
  • Visual Tracker, Level 1
  • Teaches Biology, A.P. Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Science at a rural high school SE of Jacksonville
  • See local TV interview with D. Wright
  • Participated in the 2007 Private Florida Expedition [Click the video link on that page.], the 2007 South Carolina Expedition, the 2008 South Florida Expedition and assisted with the organization of the 2008 North Florida Expedition. Assisted with the organization of the 2009 Central Florida Expedition.

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