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A new web site has been launched in Malaysia, by prominent environmentalist Vincent Chow and palaeoanthropologist Sean Ang, regarding ongoing BF research in the region.


Vincent Chow is the US-educated scientist and environmentalist who, in late 2005, successfully lobbied the Johor state government to openly discuss the sightings there, and take an active role in investigating their occurrence. This was a significant milestone in bigfoot/hominid research. It was first time a state government officially expressed an interest in sightings of this type.

Government involvement changes the research equation dramatically. It makes a topic more socially acceptable to discuss, and naturally leads to more immediate reporting of related obserations by the public.

At present sightings of this type are typically not reported until months or years after the fact. Witnesses have to build up courage to speak openly, and then figure out how and where to report an observation.
This is the status quo in every other country where these sightings occur.

Continued government encouragement in Malaysia will eventually make the reporting of sightings there as important and immediate as the reporting of crimes. At that stage there are bound to be significant scientific developments at a comparatively rapid pace.

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