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Malaysian Government Investigates Sightings

Recent news stories from Malaysia describe bigfoot/giganto sightings in parts of Johor. This is very relevant to American/Canadian research, because the animals seen here are believed to be descendents of a species that originated in South-East Asia.

The official government inquiry in Malaysia raises the question of why a serious, open, government investigation is still not happening anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. For more on that issue, click here.

Bigfoot/giganto sightings in Malaysia are nothing new. The new factor is the government's supportive attitude toward projects to investigate the sightings. That's a first, for any country. Government officials and conservationists with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) are openly discussing the subject with the national news agency (see articles below). The Malaysia Nature Society is urging people to take the sightings seriously and regard the giant apes as part of the state's (Johor's) heritage.

Here is the article mentioned by media organizations in Malaysia, including Bernama (Malaysia National News Agency): The Bigfoot-Giganto Theory


Photo from the ongoing government investigation, showing an Orang Asli tribesman drawing a sketch of an "Orang Dalam." Malaysian officials are confident about the descriptions from the Orang Asli hunters. They say the Orang Asli "do not lie".

The image on the right is a photo of life-size reconstruction of a tropical Gigantopithecus (Giant Ape).

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Newspaper Articles about the Malaysia Bigfoot Investigation :

Note: Some of the links below no longer work if the article has been moved to electronic archives.
See the full list of archived New Straits Times articles and Malay Mail articles

The December 23 article in Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency) : Bigfoot Sighted In Johor?

The December 24 article in Bernama : Johor Body All For Study On Bigfoot

December 29 article in Malaysia Star : Bigfoot can boost 'eco-toursim'

December 31 article in Aljazeera : Malaysia hunts for mythical Bigfoot

January 1 article in Voice of America : 'Bigfoot Fever' hits Malaysia

January 1 article in Malaysia Star : Villagers' close encounter with Bigfoot

January 4 article in Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency) : Johor's Bigfoot - Remnants Of Pre-Historic Apes?

January 5 article in the Malay Mail - Repeat of prior article but this one shows the first photo from the official investigation : On the Trail of Johor's Bigfoot : What is it?

January 6 article in Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency) : Endau-Rompin National Park May Be Habitat For Bigfoot

January 7 article in Malaysia Star : Bigfoot may be Prehistoric Ape

January 8 article in South Africa News 24 : Bigfoot Sightings in Malaysia

January 10 in Singapore's Electric New Paper : Singaporeans going to Johor jungles

January 10 in the Times of India : Nothing Concrete Yet

January 22 in the Malay Mail: Local experts want priority in the hunt

January 25 article in Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency) : Teams to Track Bigfoot

More Updates in the Recent Media Articles section.

Malaysian village and jungles

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