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The Mescalero IR Report

The December/January 04-05 Expeditions on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, near Ruidoso, New Mexico, ended on schedule.

Some new BFRO investigators from Mescalero are continuing the efforts initiated by the expedition. They will be interviewing witnesses, documenting track finds, and setting up recorders and cameras at relevant locations.

The investigators from Mescalero will provide updates on their findings via a free email newsletter -- The Apache Bigfoot Newsletter. The newsletter will cover incidents and investigations on the Mescalero and Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservations.

Click here for more details about the Apache Bigfoot Newsletter.

Expedition Summary

No visuals but there were some close-range, sound-only incidents at night. For details on those incidents, click here.

Although there were plenty of night-vision (NV) scopes on hand, none of the participants brought NV goggles. That made a big difference. For more on that, click here.

During the trip a few footprints were photographed. One undetailed track was cast. To see the best track photographed, click here.

There was a find of a Northwest-style boulder stack. For more about boulder stacks, click here.

The most impressive part of the trip was the number of people in the area who came to tell us their stories, and the number of incidents involving approaches to occupied dwellings at night. This happened in more than one area, but most consistently in Carrizo Canyon. For more about the Carrizo Canyon witnesses, click here.

For more about the connection between indian reservations and sasquatch activity, click here.

The BFRO's database of reports for Otero County, New Mexico (click here for those reports), only shows a relatively small number of reports from the Mescalero IR. Those were the reports that were submitted to the BFRO prior to the expedition.

As with all other reports on the BFRO site, the pre-expedition Otereo County reports were written by the witnesses themselves, or by immediate family members.

Many others stories and related annecdotes were told to us in person during the expedition -- more than enough to show that a longer term effort will be needed to document all the local incidents, as well as current and future incidents.

The new investigators in Mescalero and Jicarilla will be heading this effort. Their documentation will be compiled into issues of the Apache Bigfoot Newsletter. See the link above for info on this free newsletter.

For more about the Mescalero IR situation in general, click here.

Contacts for Tribal Members

Tribal members who are recent witnesses, or who are experiencing activity near their homes at night, are encouraged to contact the local investigators listed below.

If you have a story about an older incident on the Mescalero reservation, etc., please write down the story and bring it to tribal librarian, Lillian Chavez, at the Mescalero Community Library.

Lillian can also scan any relevant photos, or copy any videos or sound recordings you may have.

Investigators for Current Activity on the Mescalero Apache Reservation

Carleton Naiche-Palmer
(505) 464-9133

Abraham Chee
(505) 464-3197

Russell Bell
(505) 464-1486

Investigator for Current Activity on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation

Hoyt Velarde
(505) 759-1900

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