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Cook County, Illinois



  • March 2013 (Class B) - Possible early morning sighting in Palos Park
  • August 2014 (Class B) - Possible early morning sighting near Glenwood Woods
  • January 2015 (Class B) - Possible footprints in the snow found in Bedford Park (with photos)
  • July 2014 (Class B) - Motorist has possible nighttime sighting in the Forest Preserves outside Chicago
  • July 1974 (Class B) - Man recalls possibly seeing a bigfoot playing peek-a-boo in headlights while parked west of Midlothian
  • July 2008 (Class B) - Possible footprint and handprint found in Plum Creek Play Meadow - Forest Preserve
  • December 2012 (Class A) - Motorists have nighttime sighting north of Matteson.
  • May 2012 (Class B) - Possible nighttime sighting by motorists along border of Orland Grove Forest Preserve
  • September 2011 (Class B) - Possible vocalization and footprint found near Bachelors Grove Cemetery
  • November 2010 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by a motorist near Brookfield Zoo
  • November 2010 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations and stick structures found in Bachelors Grove Cemetery
  • August 2010 (Class B) - Motorists have possible nighttime sighting in Green Belt Forest Preserve
  • September 1968 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting by motorists east of Carpentersville
  • August 1967 (Class A) - Memory told of a daytime sighting in Schiller Woods

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