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Stark County, Ohio



  • September 2011 (Class A) - Strange occurrences outside a home lead to a daylight sighting by a father and son near East Canton
  • October 2010 (Class B) - Motorist has possible roadside sighting at night west of Alliance
  • February 2001 (Class A) - Two men see see a hairy creature running into woods
  • February 1995 (Class A) - Two friends witness tall, hairy creature drinking from a pond
  • 1992 (Class A) - Flap of sightings offers clues pointing to deer predation, similar to evidence found elsewhere in Ohio
  • August 1991 (Class B) - Close encounter remembered and possible vocalizations heard and recorded near Minerva
  • August 1978 (Class A) - Ron Schaffner case report: The 1978 Minerva Flap
  • August 1970's-1980's (Class A) - Encounters with a hairy creature in the same area as the well known "Minerva monster flap."
  • July 1978 to 1980 (Class A) - A series of sightings, screams, and smells near an abandoned strip mine
  • August 1976 (Class B) - Man sees silhouette of an 8'-9' tall creature looking back at him from a cornfield near Canton

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