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Report # 1643  (Class A)
Submitted by witness P. C. on Sunday, February 4, 2001.
Two teenagers have late night sighting near Coulterville
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YEAR: 1963

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

STATE: California

COUNTY: Mariposa County

LOCATION DETAILS: From hwy 99 turn E. on 132 and go about 40mi. Turn L. on Granitesprings Rd. until it intersects with Marshflat Rd. (about 3mi.)

NEAREST TOWN: Coulterville, Ca

NEAREST ROAD: old Hwy 132 /Marshflat Rd. @200 yds off the road.

OBSERVED: When I was 15 yrs. old I and a friend were outside of Coulterville Ca. It was at night on a ranch. We were in bed looking out a window from a dark room. The window was six feet off the ground.There was a full moon outside. A Sasquach looked in the window and was looking around the room. We watched it for about 10 minutes.He'd look around the room and then look around outside and look inside again. My friend told me to go outside and look around. When I looked around I could see nothing.The Sasquach had a head larger than a basketball. It stood about 7 1/2 ft tall. I must have weighed about 400-500lbs.The head looked like an apes head and the eyes were about the size of tennisballs. Lots of coarse hair. The hair was dark brown.

OTHER WITNESSES: one witness, named Jerry

OTHER STORIES: One local story. An old man on Marshflat Rd. said his daughter heard some really strange high pitched grunting animal sounds.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was night. 10'30 PM. Clear with a full moon.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded hilly country around an old adobe house about 200yds. away.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ron Morehead:

I called witness on 2-6-01 and talked about 30 min. He said that he or his friend Jerry had never heard of a Bigfoot prior to their sighting. Jerry thought it must have been a ghost. Witness thought it was a monster of some kind. The site used to be a turkey ranch, plenty of food. Dogs were not barking. Witness thought this to be strange. Witness said that the head appeared like it had a pointed hat. He never saw the full body of the creature. They heard no sounds.

About BFRO Investigator Ron Morehead:

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