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Report # 6583  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, July 5, 2003.
Unusual screams pierce evening at rural property near Seguin
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Guadalupe County

LOCATION DETAILS: Drive to exit 612 off of Interstate I 10 east about 7 miles from where the Seguin exit is at. After the ramp ends turn left. Turn right after the road dead ends. Go a couple of curves until you see a runway the Air Force uses for touch and go. This Highway is Alt 90. Turn left. Go to the 1st yellow blinking light and turn right. This road is 1123. Go 3 miles to a 4 way stop. This is 466.Turn left here. About 10 miles farther you will come to a sign that says . This is the Vivroux Ranch RD intersection where the noise came from.



I was talking to my wife, who lived in Mexico City at the time, by cell phone. This happened about a year and a half ago. I drove from my house about 2 miles up the road. I live on farm land so the neighbors are far away from each other. I got to a hill where the road goes left and right. I stopped the car and had the motor turned off. Right before I hung up I heard a yell coming from the woods that were to my right. I told my wife, who is a vetenarian what I heard. She laughed a little and we said good bye. Before I turned the key I heard it again but it was getting really close. Im talking about 200 feet.I did not want to find out what was there so I turned around and came home. I got on the internet that day and found a site that describes different animal sounds. A coyote, a donkey and a bear. The next sound was that of a bigfoot. It matched perfectly. I live about 20 miles south southeast of a town called Seguin. I went back listening the next day and several times after that. I have not heard it again and I really dont care to.




TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 2 hours away from being dark

ENVIRONMENT: Clear day. Warm. Almost sunset.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with M.F. via telephone about his experience. While M.F. passionately and adamantly stated that he heard something unknown to him that evening, it remains unclear exactly what it was that he heard. M.F. stated that he was very quick to dismiss animals such as cows, coyotes, hogs, big cats, etc., having grown up hearing the sounds of such animals. M.F. thinks it was a sasquatch that made the sounds based on sasquatch vocalization recordings that he heard on the internet.

M.F. stated that whatever the origin of the sounds, he was overcome with a feeling of angst and fright. A veteran of the United States Navy, M.F. stated that he is not easily frightened, but this particular evening he knew fear. In attempting to replicate the sounds of his experience, M.F. stated that the sounds were beyond any that he had ever heard in a natural setting. The first experience was a series of three screams.

In talking to M.F., he stated that he again heard the same sounds in August 2003 while in bed in his home in the early morning hours. This time, his wife, who is a veterinarian, heard and was awakened by the sounds. M.F.'s wife was unable to identify the source of the sounds. This time there were two screams to be heard and the source of the screams seemed to be less than mile away.

M.F. stated that no other unusual signs (unknown tracks, unknown scat, unknown hair samples, breaking of branches, animal carcasses, etc.) have been noted on his property of 10 acres. He also stated that he has two neighbors within a mile of his property but he has not spoken to them of the incidents to determine if they have experienced anything unusual. He now intends to discuss the matter with his neighbors and is not reticent in the least about so doing. M.F. stated that he would notify the BFRO immediately should he experience any other anomalous events.

It is my assessment that M.F. (and his wife) definitely heard something unusual more than once. However, there is no way to ascertain at this time what originated the sounds and therefore, whether or not a sasquatch is the source of the sounds is indeterminate.

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