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Report # 8547  (Class A)
Submitted on Wednesday, April 28, 2004.
Hog hunter watches bigfoot kill hog in Sabine River bottoms.
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 3rd

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Panola County

LOCATION DETAILS: In the Sabine River bottoms.

OBSERVED: I was hog hunting from a tree stand next to the Sabine River. I had gone to my stand around 5:30 AM, put out sliced apples and table scraps to hold the hogs for a few minutes for a shot. I got in my tree stand and waited for the woods to settle down and the sun to rise. At sunup, I heard hogs rooting around, working the river's edge towards me. I could first see them to my left at about 45 degrees, about 50 yards out. No clear shot, waiting for them to get to my bait area, I noticed movement to my right about 80 yards out. Putting my rifle scope on it, I could see only the side of something's face. It was dark, hair covered and slowly moving its head around looking in the direction of the hogs. At this time it quickly moved to another tree. I could see most of its body, it was huge, standing on two legs, slowly looking around the tree at the hogs. At this time I was quite afraid but tried to keep my scope on it study its features. The hogs were still feeding towards my bait area and the animal was working towards the hogs. It moved quickly and disappeared. It quickly reappeared moving to another tree, still looking at the hogs. I could again study its features. At this time I was quite afraid but tried to keep my scope on it. Its movement from tree to tree was a quick leap, landing at the base of next tree on two feet. Standing behind tree and slowly looking around at the hogs. This continued for several minutes until they were about 30 yards apart and almost directly in front of me at about 40 yards. The animal dropped to all fours, bunched up its rear legs and leaped. It took two leaps to reach the hogs and it screamed during the second leap causing the hogs to panic for a split second. The second leap ended with it slapping one hog in its side, knocking it through the air into side of a tree. As the squealing hog bounced off the tree, it pounced on it, beating it with its fist like a person pounding on a desk. I could hear bones crunching with each hit. All this happened very fast. About 4 seconds from first leap to dead hog. The quickness of attack was very unnerving. The three live hogs were in full flight. The animal picked up the dead hog, tucked it under its arm and started walking off and let out a noise like (Grrrrrrrrrrr, whoop, whoop, whooooooop, whoop). It was immediately answered from about 200 to 300 yards out by a shorter (whoop, whoop, whoop ). After a couple more steps in the direction of the answer, it stopped, dropped the hog and turned to look past me. It turned back to my tree and raised its head to look at me. I have never been more afraid in my life. I tried to keep the scope on its head in case it came after me. It looked at me, cocked its head to one side. Its face had a curious expression as if studying me. It opened its mouth showing its teeth, letting out a soft (rrrrrrrrrr) sound. It then turned back to pick up the hog and walked off in no hurry as if I didn't exist.

I was looking thru a 3 X 9 scope. Originally set on 3 power for the hunt but turned it up to 9 power after first trying to see object approaching from my right. After that time I was afraid to make the movement necessary to take scope off 9 power.

I sat in tree stand for another 30 minutes or so, trying to calm myself. After concluding that if it wanted me, it would have already slapped me out of my tree stand. I got down and went to find my hunting partner, who was about a quarter to half mile away. He had heard the attack scream and both whooping calls.

ALSO NOTICED: It was 7 or 8 feet tall, standing like human on two legs, covered in hair and intensely watching the hogs. Its hands and feet looked human. It had breasts. Its ears seemed small for the size of its head. Very tall, very heavily built, female, similar to most bigfoot pictures/drawings that one sees. Face was human like. Thick coat of hair, reddish brown, covering most of its body except hands, feet, half of face. Solid brown eyes.

OTHER STORIES: Over the years, many unseen, unknown screams.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 6:30 am, clear.

ENVIRONMENT: Swampy, old hardwood bottom land. Farms nearby. Location was in swampy flood plain next to Sabine River.

Follow-up investigation report:

I have spoken with the witness on several occasions regarding this report as he saw it for a longer time than most people and I had many questions. I found him to be a very credible witness with quick answers to my questions and all the facts are the same when I re-questioned him on some points. Since neither of us can draw pictures, I showed him a picture from the website, and asked him for a comparison:

"Only the size and height are correct. The hands were different, more like ours, only the thumb was set back further on the hand. It had finger nails, NOT claws. Yellowish in color. The hair was lighter, more of a reddish brown. The eyes had no white. They were solid dark brown. It was a female. It had breasts, only the nipple area was hairless. The feet had five toes, set wide apart with long toe nails, also yellowish. It walked away with a stoop shouldered gait when it walked off. Its arms and legs were much larger, bulkier. Its hair was shorter, about 3 inches long, just enough to flap when it moved. It had no waist line, waist was same large bulk as upper body. It had flat teeth like a human, NO FANGS. Face was human looking, it showed expression while looking at me. All the other views were to the animals side except I had back view before it disappeared walking off.

It was a female. It had breasts, only the nipple area was hairless. The hair on its breasts was much shorter and thinner that rest of body. Comparing breasts to those depicted in the Patterson film: they were not that large, they did not swing when it moved.

Its hair was shorter, about 3 inches long, just enough to flap when it moved. There were a few leaves, twigs and debris tangled in the hair as if it had rolled or slept on the ground.

Its large size combined with its incredible speed made it frightening.

It made no sound while stalking the hogs. There was no odor. The woods had normal noise while it was stalking hogs. Squirrels were feeding, paying no attention to hogs or animal. Birds, frogs, crickets, everything making normal noises. After attack scream, all woods noise ceased, no sound of any kind except from animal and its answering call. Most of the time it would use its hands to steady itself when looking around tree.

Hogs were all small, in the 100 to 125 pound range. It carried the hog under its arm much as a person would carry a sack of potatoes. When it crouched down on all fours, it curled its fingers and had its knuckles on the ground."

Additional investigator comments, 1 May 2004:

The site was located while motor boating to his normal hunting area. The witness noticed sign of hogs rooting along river's edge and stopped to check it out. The witness decided it was a better place to try, scouted the area, decided on stand locations and returned the next morning to set up
and hunt.

Tree stand height was about twenty five feet. Witness was wearing camo plus a mesquito head net.

Length of encounter is an estimate of twenty minutes. It was not timed. Bear in mind that the witness's adrenalin was up, his fear factor was up and in such cases time sometimes does get compressed.

The attack leaps: distance was about thirty yards. Fifteen yards per leap. This was on all fours.

The movement from tree to tree: all tree to tree movements were two legged jumps, landing on two feet, anywhere from five to ten feet. Each movement going closer to the feeding hogs. Each movement animal was holding its body very still, slowing moving sideways just enough to look around the
tree. All those movements, and landings were totally silent.

The witness said the first set of whoops were similar to Sierra Sounds but not quite the same, and was really not able to explain the difference. The second set of whoops had a garbled sound at the end of each whoop, there was no
garbled sound. The third set of whoops was way different. Bear in mind that this happened just seconds after the unexpected quick kill of the hog. The witness was very unnerved at that time.

Footprints and evidence: After finding hunting partner, they returned together to site to retrieve tree stand and found disturbed ground where it leaped both times and disturbed ground at the kill site plus a small amount of blood that apparently came from hogs mouth. Ground was covered in normal damp leaves and such, there were no footprints.

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