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 2024 Northern Arizona Expedition

Dates: August 1 (Thurs) - August 4 (Sunday)

The first BFRO expedition in Arizona led to the discovery of a very interesting cave in a remote part of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation that appeared to have been used by sasquatches.

Subsequent Arizona expeditions focused on different parts of the Mogollon Rim zone and all resulted some compelling incidents at night. The most recent one (2023) yielded a great sound recording.

Most people who are unfamiliar with Arizona have a particular perception of the state consistent with the name Arizona, derived from "arid zone". That perception usually does not include the "sky islands".  Sky islands are the high elevation areas among the Inter-mountain West (i.e. area between California and Rockies) that protrude up from surrounding desert landscapes. They are high enough to catch snow in Winter and catch rain in Summer.

Most of the sky islands have an abundance of elk, deer and antelope. The bigfoot area selected for 2024 has all those plus wild bison. The vegetation in this high altitude area is surprisingly lush in the summer. Thus this zone has the more of the plant and protein staples for bigfoots than most parts of Arizona.

The lead organizer, Jeff Johnson, is a law enforcement officer (detective) who has attended BFRO expeditions for more than 10 years. He and co-organizer Steve Vallie are very experienced and marvelously well equipped backwoods 4x4 explorers with tricked out 4-Runners. Jeff and Steve have had some intense, sustained Class B encounters with bigfoots right outside their camping trailer  in the area where this expedition will focus. The squatches apparently like to shake trailers late at night, they say.

This area is accessible to small trailers but it is also very far from services and civilization. It is also high elevation so it might get cold at night even in July.

The BFRO now encourages all attendees to have three types of optical devices that are very helpful on trips like these:

 1) Small daylight video camera with 50x *optical* zoom -- basically a small telescope that records video. ($400)

2) Small thermal camera with 4x zoom for use at night. (BFRO brand = $1000)

3) Small daylight drone with excellent zoom camera. (DJI Air 3  = $1,550).

Among these three items, the one you will find most helpful in a bigfoot area is a thermal camera. Without this type of device it is unlikely that you will spot and record any animals in the dark.

The BFRO sells high-resolution (384 lines) thermal cameras for much lower than retail price, because we want as many people as possible to afford them. See BFRO homepage for more info about those cameras. Click on thermal image of the guy with a dog. You will not regret owning one of those devices. A good thermal video camera is MUCH more useful for squatching than the best nightvision video camera.








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