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Report # 4604  (Class B)
Submitted by witness J.N. on Friday, July 5, 2002.
Daytime sighting by young camper at Lost Lake
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YEAR: 1994-96

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Hood River County

LOCATION DETAILS: A camping sight called Lost Lake. Mt.Hood is very visible from the lake and is probably about 10-15 miles away from it. I was taken there so I do not remember the directions


NEAREST ROAD: NFD 1340/ 656 Trail

OBSERVED: It's been about 6 or 7 years and the area has grown where this happened. I was camping at Lost Lake in Oregon and doing the usual hike around the area. I came to a little creek crossing and small ravine about 200 yds behind the local store and found myself gazing at what appeared to be a fallen tree with a broken stump about 6ft up and some odd features in it. Ex: Dark features that kind resembled eyes and arms coming across a leg. Like if you were to sit over your feet in a crouched position. It was about 3pm so the effects could have been from lighting and the trees. Either way I thought it looked cool and wanted to go get my camera. I placed a pile of rocks directly across from it and ran literaly and got my camera. Upon arriving back at the location, about 15 min later, I noticed my pyramid of rocks was knocked over and when I looked across the way there was nothing. No fallen tree, no branches and nothing worth taking a picture of. I searched around the area thinking I was looking from the wrong angle but the only thing right across the way could have in no way been what I was looking at. A few days later back in Portland, OR the news said that there had been a report of a Bigfoot in that area. I have never gone camping there again!

ALSO NOTICED: A sighting was reported on the news a few days later in the area

OTHER WITNESSES: My friend and I were present but I left him out of the story because he played no part except for seeing it also.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, but these stories are all over the N.W. I personally do not believe in most camp fire stories but I am a firm believer in Big Foot now.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Weather was great and the lighting was average but good. It was about 2 or 3 pm

ENVIRONMENT: Forest and very clean. No motor boats were allowed on the lake. Very deep lake also. Mt.Hood very visible and large in the backgorund. I think the area has become popular so it might not be as quaint

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with J.N. on 8/4/02.

He really thought that the figure was a stump or fallen tree that just "looked" like a sasquatch, until he returned from his trip to get his camera and discovered that the figure was gone and his stone marker displaced. He lost touch with his friend years ago.

J.N. noted the color of the figure was dark and light gray, like driftwood.

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